When Cheryl Thorpe moved her daughter's friend's car, she thought she was just doing her a favor—not committing grand theft auto.

Nekisia Davis had asked her mom to move her friend Deanna's 1993 Honda Accord for street cleaning while they were away in Florida on vacation. So that's exactly what she thought she did, until Deanna got home from the trip to discover that the green Accord wasn't actually her car.

Davis immediately put up the charming signs you see above around Brooklyn, and after a 10-day search, the police were able to locate Emily Hickert, whose car was accidentally stolen. Hickert had seen footage of Thorpe taking the car, who drove away using Deanna's keys in less than 40 seconds. "I thought she was a professional," she told The Post.

Honda, for their part, say this sort of thing is very unlikely. 

[via Gothamist]

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