Eager for Dark Souls II's PC release at the end of month? You'll probably be interested in checking out the graphical differences between the upcoming release and the already available console editions. Much strife was made out of the difference between the very next-gen-looking pre-release and the seemingly stripped-out graphics of the retail release, leading to speculation that Namco might be holding out for a next-gen port with much improved graphics and design fixes.

PC Gamer has now put together a video comparing the Xbox 360 version of the game with the upcoming PC engine running at 1080p, and while the PC version has an improved frame rate as well as a host of other added options for lighting and high-res effcts, the difference between the two isn't as insane as one might have thought. The video has more details, the most noticeable probalby being differences (albeit not huge ones) in lighting and model details like clothing textures.

Will we still a Dark Souls II edition on the PS4 and Xbox One? We'll probably find out in the Fall one way or the other.

[Via Youtube