If police in Honolulu get their way, a law permitting them to have sex with prostitutes for the sake of investigation will remain in place. 

According to NBC News, there's a state law that lets officers sleep with hookers during investigations. Police say they need the exemption to stay in place to help them do their jobs: 

Authorities say they need the legal protection to catch lawbreakers in the act. Critics, including human trafficking experts and other police, say it's unnecessary and can further victimize sex workers, many of whom have been forced into the trade.

Police haven't said how often — or even if — they use the provision. But when they asked legislators to preserve it, they made assurances that internal policies and procedures are in place to prevent officers from taking advantage of it.

A bill was introduced to abolish the exemption, but police testimony led to its preservation. Many argue that this presents a rather obvious opportunity for misconduct, so why do state lawmakers feel that it's essential for cops to go the whole nine with prostitutes to do their jobs effectively? A revised proposal will go to a Senate committee today.

[via NBC News]