Neighborhood: Hollywood
Address: 7000 Hollywood Blvd.

In high school, the hottest dates were always the bowling dates. The parents would drop you off at a place that usually served alcohol and horribly delicious food. Nothing was more erotic than strapping on some smelly shoes, sticking your fingers into those holes, and having them put on the laser show to 70s disco. Someone always managed to sneak a drink from the adults at the bar, everyone always got wasted, and making out in the back or in someone’s truck was par for the course. You can reenact that whole scenario at The Spare Room in Hollywood, only this time with pricey cocktails, a dress-to-kill, and bowling lanes so clean and slippery they would make a porn star proud. Rental shoes are handmade by Esquivel. On top of having games like backgammon, checkers, chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, and Connect Four, The Spare Room’s also has delicious handcrafted cocktails like a Bull’s Eye with Tapatio Blanco Tequila and what they claim to be the best Moscow Mules ever. It’s way more expensive than that high school experience, but will create that same feeling. Maybe you’ll get to make-out in a Hollywood alley.