Forget Ross and Rachel, the biggest will-they-wont-they couple to ever grace the small screen? Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of BBC's Sherlock. While Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman—Holmes and Watson, respectively—won't officially admit nor deny their characters' feelings for each other, the show is leaving tons of breadcrumbs out there for serious JohnLock shippers. Breadcrumbs that have been baked into full-length fan fiction—though don't ask Cumberbatch and Freeman to read them aloud again. Even Watson's official blog, created by the BBC as a supplement to the series, has (fake) commenters speculating on whether or not the sleuthing duo are in a relationship.

Now, with season three underway in the U.S., shippers are sure to be delighted with more clues about their sexuality. Nevermind the setback that, spoiler alert, John Watson gets married to a lady this season. As long as the the show keeps adding to our collection of ambiguously gay moments on Sherlock, we're holding out hope for JohnLock.

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