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In 2013 the Starks attended the Red Wedding, Don Draper's emotional walls crumbled at the sight of a Hershey's bar, and the White family imploded. Those are just a handful of 2013's biggest life events according to television, a year that also saw The CW's Arrow improbably become a genuinely good series, Netflix strongarm the scripted programming game, and reimaginings of Sleepy Hollow and Hannibal debut, against all odds, as must-watch television.

Can 2014 keep up? Of course it can. As we say goodbye to Sons of Anarchy and begin the funeral arrangements for Mad Men, new seasons from all of 2013's best and brightest are due, (save Breaking Bad of course), as are the premieres of several shows that have the potential to become the new talk of Twitter. The debate of whether or not TV is in a golden age will have plenty of reasons to rage on.

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