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If you haven't heard of Lost Girl, there's no need to pretend like you have. This isn't like saying you've never heard of Breaking Bad. No one's going to judge you. Unless there's a movie about tornadoes full of sharks playing, the Syfy network isn't a channel a lot of people check into. The Canadian original's fourth season debuts tonight, and the Canucks have been keeping this show a secret like the Faes from the human world. Oh, that's right. You wouldn't get that reference. 

At least, not yet. Here's why you need to binge-watch Lost Girl on Netflix and continue watching it for the rest of your human life. 

1. The Series' Protagonist, Bo (Anna Silk)

In the first season, Bo figures out why she hasn't been able to have a normal relationship with anyone, despite her religious and wholesome upbringing by her adoptive parents. Girl's a succubus (i.e. a woman who uses sex/seduction to feed herself, by sucking the souls out of her victims.). It's not her fault that every time she'd try to get sexy since puberty, she'd end up killing someone. Plus, with that small-town religious upbringing, she's got double the guilt.

But that isn't what makes Bo a next-level television character. She's a strong female lead wholly accepting of her sexual appetite, and the supporting characters around her DGAF. No one's interested in slut shaming her.

2. Bo's Bisexuality

Often in television and in movies, bisexuality, especially for the ladies, has just been a means to an end. It means a girl who gets with another girl until the right guy shows up. If you need an example, watch Chasing Amy and Kissing Jessica Stein. You'd be hard-pressed to find an accurate example of a real bisexual character, one whom you could actually see devoting the rest of his or her life to someone of any gender. Endgame for Bo could be anyone. 

3. The Rampant Sexual Tension

Jim and Pam, Kevin and Winnie, Ross and Rachel—TV viewers love tuning into shows that have ships they can sail on. Lost Girl has a ton of them. Maybe too many, actually. Bo's got a thing for blondes.

  • Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried), the renegade manly man werewolf. He was her first hook-up on the show and would do anything in his power to protect her, including giving up his chi so she can have a little snack.

  • Lauren (Zoie Palmer), the human doctor. Adopted/kidnapped/put into slavery by the Fae, mythical fairy-like creatures that prey on humans, Lauren loves Bo more than her elusive freedom.

  • Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten), the Valkyrie. As a species that creates doubt and intimidation in people, Tamsin has ill-advised feelings for Bo, making her a dark horse when it comes to fan-favorite ships.

4. Bo's Friendship With Kenzi (Ksenia Solo)

Bo and her best friend Kenzi, a human who's one-third Russian-American runway model, one-third Goth, and one-third street-smart, wise-cracker, are easily the center of the show. Kenzi has all the witty repartee, all the can-do attitude, and all the no-nonsense mentally you'd expect from a worthy sidekick. Essentially, she's the Robin to Bo's Batman. 

In short, the series is stacked with dynamic characters worth investing your time in and relationships worth exploring. Take Supernatural, sprinkle in some Firefly, and add a Buffy the Vampire Slayer's dose of camp, and you've got Lost Girl, your new favorite show.

Written by Hope Schreiber (@HopeSchreiber)

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