Don't scroll through your Instagram feed and look at the daily #sunsetporn while driving home in bumper-to-bumber traffic? Excatly what kind of Angeleno are you? One of the crappiest parts of car culture is being stuck in your car for long periods of time and being totally bored. Cut to totally weaving through lanes while illegally hashtagging #trafficsucks on your Twitter feed. And according to a study for the California Office of Traffic Safety, the usage of cell phones while driving has increased, especially usage of cell phones with young people. Not surprisingly, 18-25 year olds can't keep their hands off their phones. The number jumped from 9 percent to 18 percent of young people on the phone. This is all after California passed a handsfree driving law in the summer of 2008, which was to no availl. No one cared about the rule, and more and more people continue to break it. The outcome? Really dumb crashes while people update their Facebook statuses about a Sunset Strip celebrity sighting.