Trailers of trailers are all the rage these days, so here's one for the third season of Girls posted directly by creator/star Lena Dunham herself on Instagram. Keeping to Instagram's video restrictions, the teaser is only 15 seconds in length, but it's still enough to give us a small peek at what's to come when the series returns next year. Unlike the teaser that premiered this past summer, this one includes actual footage from the new episodes.

A short rundown of the even shorter clip: Hannah hearts Adam, Adam hearts Hannah, Shoshanna is somehow able to afford Prada sunglasses on an NYU student budget, Marnie still has ridiculously flawless skin, and, best of all, Jessa is back. Also, Hannah is still getting her head stuck in weird places—this time, a chair in the back of a moving vehicle. It's oddly comforting to see that not much has changed. 

The full season three trailer will premiere this Sunday. Season three's start date, unfortunately, is a bit further off: Girls is set to return to HBO on January 12, at 10 PM.

UPDATE: It looks like the full trailer dropped early. Here it is:

[via lenadunham/Instagram]