We had a million burning questions when we sat down in Venice Beach, California this week to play around with the Xbox One for nearly an hour. During our time with the console, not all of those questions were answered. But some were.

How does the Xbox One interact with the other devices in your living room? How does it handle your fantasy football team? What does it do if there are multiple users in the room? What happens if you get a Skype call in the middle of playing Forza?

These are some of the questions that Microsoft's been dodging over the last several months, but they've been foremost in our minds ever since the company's earnest strategy to be the one and only living room entertainment hub became evident this year. After all, we can't know whether we're going to want the Xbox One as our number one media device if we can't see how all its many pieces fit together.

It will still be a little while before our full Xbox One review goes up, but in the meantime here are ten things we recently learned about the new Xbox that you may not have known it can do.