If you're looking for a way to get your creep on while being undetected, well, this is it. Creeper.

The Snaphack app joins the growing list of ways that people can save Snapchats without the sender ever knowing. Once downloaded, users just have to sign-in to Snaphack with their Snapchat name and password once they receive a Snap. From that point, all the users have to do is open the Snap through Snaphack and any photo or video that was sent will be automatically saved, without anything ever notifying the sender. From the app, a user can save the photo or video to their phone. It's as simple as that. People who still think the Snapchat is a good way to send sexts are repeatedly putting themselves in danger of embarrassment later down the line thanks to methods that—for lack of a better term—bypass Snapchat's security features. (That "security" being that a sender will be notified when someone takes a screenshot of a Snap.) Snaphack is now just another reason people should be careful what they post. Nothing is ever truly private when it's sent out into the digital realm.

Snaphack is available in the App Store for $.99. For now.