Over the past 10 years, Pinot Noir has grown tremendously in popularity. It has always been a go-to wine for sommeliers and drinkers alike due to its food-friendly nature, but the post-Sideways wine world has launched Pinot Noir to new heights. For Pinot Noir lovers who want to be a bit more adventurous, here are 10 wines that share some Pinot Noir characteristics and give you the opportunity to drink outside of the box. 

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Written by Raoul Segarra, General Manager & Wine Director at North Square Restaurant

Raoul Segarra has been working with spirits for over 15 years. A seasoned sommelier, Segarra has worked at Keens, Judson Grill, and Jean-Georges, under the direction of great sommeliers-mentors who noticed and nurtured his talent. In 2004, he joined the Beanstalk Group (The Red Cat, The Mermaid Inn, The Harrison, Pace) as Wine and Beverage Director, where he put his creativity and love for finding a lesser-known region or wine at a great price to work. Raoul brings this philosophy to the wine list at North Square, which features over 110 wines from 15 countries, 65 priced at less than $50.