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Hop online against any rando in NBA 2K and you're liable to find yourself squared off against the Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder.

I mean, it's only natural to arm yourself with the best weapons available, right? But that's not how gentlemen (or gentlewomen) should fight. Contests between the above teams typically devolve into hoisted jumpers from LeBron and Durant or reckless forays to the rim by Westbrook and Wade. Is that really how we want to play our online basketball? No: it is not. We are gamers of honor.

And so I'm here with the help of CBS Sports' Zach Harper (whom you may recognize from, you know, ACTUALLY BEING IN THE GAME in MyCAREER's social media function) to outline the terms of a gentlemen's agreement to follow a certain etiquette in picking your team for online play. Superstar-laden, shot-jacking teams get a pinky down as unacceptable, a sure sign that you are a rogue without honor. Poorly constructed, rebuilding or otherwise frustrating teams get a pinky up, deeming them worthy of play among friends who value competition and suffering.

As with any element of high society (like wine pairing or interior design), much depends on how the elements interact. Roughly, there are teams that are just off-limits, ones that are always acceptable, and then those in the middle that might depend on the match-up. Won’t you join us for tea and jumpers?

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