There have been a bunch of video apps that have sprouted up around the rise of Vine, like Viddy, Ptch, Qwiki, and Directr, but none of them really made it to the big leagues like Vine did. Instagram, even, was thought to be a Vine-killer by simply adding an additional 9 seconds of recording time to their videos. This didn't happen.

But what about the people who really want to tell a story, and not just scene? Here comes Cameo, the latest app to try to tackle the video app market. But Cameo tries to be a balance between short and long video: the app lets users take six second long clips, then stitch them all together to make a two-minute movie. Cameo stores your videos on its cloud servers, which lets you save space on your phone. Because they are stored on the cloud, you can collab with friends and share clips for each other's movies. You also don't have to shoot straight from the app, you can gather clips from your phone's camera roll. The app comes with a few filters and themes, and you can add music from the collection on your phone. When I gave the app a spin, I felt it could allow you to be pretty artistic if you got the right material. It's a little slow uploading your videos to the cloud between clips (I was connected to Wi-Fi), but if you're in a situation where you don't need immediate clips shot back to back, it should be fine.

The app is free in the Apple App Store, so try it out. You might get Cameo stardom before anyone else. 

[via Venture Beat]

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