City: Hollywood, Calif. 
Address5153 Hollywood Blvd.
Claim to infamy: Courtney Love stripping

This isn't the kind of club where anyone ever makes it "rain," but the girls that have danced here look like they all have stories to tell. You don't have to be especially skilled to dance at Jumbo's Clown Room, but you do have to be a special class of crazy. We've seen girls with missing limbs, girls with vampiric fetishes (they'll bite you), and barely-legal girls with questionably sexy names. But Jumbo's biggest claim to fame, and what keeps tourists coming in droves? Rock's kinkiest, kookiest femme fatale (maybe literally if you ask Nirvanaphile's), Courtney Love, danced here. For some, that's riveting. For us, it's just gross.