Nothing is sacred in the spotlight. Vega learned that the hard way when, in July of 2012, tabloids started exposing the then-23-year-old's divorce to 36-year-old producer Sean Covel, whom she married in October 2010. But that didn't faze her. She recently got engaged to Big Time Rush singer Carlos Pena. 

"Obviously, you get married with the intention of staying together. Honestly, if I had to go back, I would do it the exact same way. Sean is a wonderful person and he was everything that I needed at that time of my life that I was in. When we were together, it was perfect. But we were both smart enough to know that we both had outgrown the relationship and we were holding each other back. We tried everything before making that decision, but people staying married for the sake of being married is not healthy at all. We're still very close. He was one of the first people to find out that I was engaged again because I felt like I owed that to him. He’s such a huge part of my life."

"Thankfully, where I am now is a different place from when I was in the middle of a divorce. We were able to keep it under wraps that we were broken up for a while before the divorce even came out. It was nice because it gave us the opportunity to be by ourselves and not have to answer questions."

"Keeping my engagement to Carlos a secret was a lot harder. Pictures started going up. It was frustrating. At that point, I was like, 'We might as well just tell people because they’re going to find out anyway.'"

"The attention is sweet and flattering to an extent, but sometimes it's frustrating because you want it to be your own, yet it ends up becoming everybody’s business. Carlos and I have the perfect world because we’re known enough to be able to do fun things, but it's not so crazy that when we travel we have to be incognito. I don’t know how Justin Bieber does it. If you’re Katy Perry and you want to go on a vacation with a guy that you’re with, how do you do that?"