Every year since 2005, when Tim LeagueHarry Knowles, Paul Alvarado-Dykstra, and Tim McCanlies founded Fantastic Fest, lovers of genre movies have gathered at League's Alamo Drafthouse cinemas in Austin, Texas, to watch the strangest, sickest, most thoroughly entertaining science fiction, horror, fantasy, action, and cult films that the world has to offer. If you want to see a Japanese film about a boy whose goal is to lick his own tip (yes, you read that right, and its name is Maruyama the Middle Schooler), this is where you go. 

This year, Complex staffers Matt Barone and Justin Monroe attended the festival, which moved to Alamo's new Lakeline location. There were laughs, claps, groans, and even a little regurgitation, which is to say that the slate of flicks was an unequivocal success. If you're looking for the best genre flicks to search out in coming months, start here: The Best Movies Complex Saw at Fantastic Fest 2013.

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