Man, this summer movie season was a dud, no?

In the country's independent movie theatres, there was no shortage of four-star movies over the last three months, with excellent flicks like Short Term 12, Ain't Them Bodies Saints, and Drinking Buddies reminding cinephiles why they love moviemaking in the first place. But in the bigger multiplexes across the nation? It was, to put it lightly, mostly a shit-show. Save for the occasional winner, like This Is the End and The Conjuring, Hollywood's big-studio fare degenerated summer 2013 into one of the lamest blockbuster seasons in decades. Yes, we're looking at you, clowns who made The Long Ranger, R.I.P.D., and Grown-Ups 2. May you choke on your rotten popcorn.

Serious movie lovers deserve better—much, much better. Fortunately, hope's on the horizon. From now through New Year's Day, the year's most prestigious and award-seeking films will crowd movie-houses big and small. The coast isn't totally clear, though—for example, the suckers who couldn't resist the lowest-common-denominator allure of The Internship will be subjected to further temptation via Vince Vaughn's latest step toward complete audience contempt, Delivery Man, scheduled for a late November release. You've been warned.

For everyone else, we present the fall's most anticipated movies. It's time to alleviate that summertime sadness.

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