Most video game movies fall flat. Super Mario Bros. and Wing Commander were not so successful while other like Doom and Resident Evil are better thought out but maybe have a hard time living up to our expectations. Live-action trailers however are getting better over time. With great directors and actors coming into the video game fold to produce the best trailers we’ve seen, sometimes better than the games they represent.

Here are some of the best live-action game trailers we’ve seen and why they should be made into movies. This is by means a complete list, we went ahead and cut out all the sexually suggestive – whether intentional or not – trailers. Yes Kirby, we’re talking about you. We’ve also when skipped over some trailers for games that are already in production. Whether we like it or not, Need for Speed, Assassin’s Creed, Warcraft, Angry Birds, Gran Turismo and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are either in production or pre-production. As these AAA titles get more and more market share we can guarantee that many more movies will be made about our favorite games. Let’s just hope they’ll have more in common with Final Fantasy and less like House of the Dead.

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