Gaming is complex, so catch up each week with the short and dirty in Reboot: This Week In Games.

This week saw Oculus VR pulling in big names to staff-up its Dallas office. John Carmack was named at CTO, responsible for bringing in developers for the company. Do we need a reason to be more excited about the Oculus Rift? Probably not but Oculus can never be too awesome, can it?

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified released the final of its live-action trailers The Aftermath which captures the horror aspect of this XCOM release; It doesn’t get any scary than zombie clowns kids.

We also got our first UnXboxing and began to covet the thing that's going to be eating our money for the next couple of years, if you’re of the Microsoft persuasion that is. It's just so damn pretty!

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