Even at the least complex level, a burger is a thing of beauty. Succulent protein, sometimes bolstered by the addition of cheese, sometimes left to marinate in its own glory, while two seedy buns encase this experiment for the ultimate feat of culinary perfection. A burger is beautiful just the way it is.

But here in America, more is more. Bigger cars, bigger houses, bigger wallets, bigger boobs, bigger guts, and subsequently, bigger burgers. We like them topped with unpronounceable French things, lots of sauce, seventeen kinds of cheese, and stuffed with exotic meats that make us feel brave, like a Turducken. Bravery is an undeniably American trait.

In honor of the great American tradition of burgers, we've rounded up 25 of the most decadent burgers in the United States. Live long and prosper? How about eat well and die happy.

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