These days everyone has an opinion on the ongoing gossip sagas of self-appointed Complex arch-nemesis Amanda Bynes, her fellow child-star turned TMZ queen Lindsay Lohan, and the like.

While doing press for RED 2, Dame Helen Mirren, veteran actress and all-around classy lady, was asked to weigh in on her contemporaries' constant struggles, and offered the most original pearl of wisdom that you'll hear all week: "Don't be up your own bum."

OK then. She goes on to clarify: "People get up their own [bum] and they really don't need to. And it's the thing of the young. Just don't do that."

Listen up, Amanda, Lindsay, fellow youthful actresses: You want the media off of your back? Want roles in critically acclaimed films deep into your sixties? Just stay out of your own bums, duh. Amanda, we patiently await your Twitter rebuttal.

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[via Zap2It]