The Amanda Bynes Twitter saga just does not stop. Today, her primary target has been Drake, much as it has been repeatedly throughout 2013. Some of her earlier tweets were vicious, even going as far as attacking Drake's mother, calling Sandi Graham "uglier" than her son. She deleted this tweet and followed it up by complimenting the Toronto native, using some absurd comparisons and claiming that he "is the man of her dreams." Finally, she capped it off by saying "If Drake Is Ugly I'm Ugly," which got "If Drake Is Ugly" to trend on Twitter.

This is not the first time Bynes has called out Drake publicly using social media. She famously asked the rapper to "murder her vagina" back in March and has periodically made similar comments as the months have progressed. Throughout it all, Drake has been mum about the situation, refusing to even respond to the tweets. 

Read some of the tweets below. Considering how incessant Bynes has been thus far, there is likely no end in sight unless a third party intervenes.

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