Video Game: Blitz: The League II (2008)

Blitz: The League II takes the ridiculousness of the previous entries in the franchise by adding in a corrupt commissioner who is trying to get a team in LA who is at odds with the newest star in The League, "Kid Franchise," the nickname given to the player in campaign mode no matter what the player names him.

Kid Franchise plays on both sides of the ball (you can choose between QB, RB, WR, or TE and DE, LB, CB, or S; finally a QB who lines up at DE and gets some sacks of his own can be yours). The Commissioner tries to get KF to play for his pet project, the LA Riot, but KF will only play for his hometown team, so so the game begins. Franchise then gets his drink spiked by Quentin Sands (back again) and is sent to prison, where he has to compete in prison football games to get an early release.

Like Little Mac of Punch-Out!! before him, but actually highly skilled, Kid Franchise needs to overcome a lot of adversity to take his place at the top of The League.