What ever happened to Motorola? The "Hello Moto" that had greeted Motorola owners has long been silenced since Google acquired the company almost a year ago. Now, Motorola is looking to make a comeback with its new phone, the 'Moto X'. Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside called the device a "hero phone" that will compete against the iPhone and Samsung's Galaxy devices. 

This new phone does have a little something up its sleeve that could potentially be a game-changer: Woodside said the Moto X will be "contextually aware." So, if you're driving in your car going a cool 60 mph, your phone will detect your speed and behave accordingly (aka: not let you text and drive). Motorola is also working on a pill that you could swallow that would release acids into your stomach, which would work to authenticate who you are when using your phone—you know, if typing in your PIN isn't enough already.

This Moto-Google combination is really turning out quite interesting.

[via USA Today]