Tina Fey is just the kind of comedic genius that would be perfect for Twitter, so why isn't she on it? "I think you should have a license to use Twitter," Fey explains jokingly a new video segment called Ask Tina for NBC's website, "because most people are so f**cking boring, that they should shut up. And they should have a license, and I am volunteering to be in charge of the license. That's it, I've figured out what I want to do. When the show's over, I want to be the person who decides whether you're going to have a Twitter license."

What about everyone else who doesn't get a coveted Twitter license, then? "Go write it in a journal, and mail it to your f**king grandma, because it's boring."

Words of wisdom from Tina Fey. You can check out the video in all its comedic glory above. Also, added bonus, 30 Rock is back tonight on NBC at 8 PM. 

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[via Tastefully Offensive]