As far as brilliant multimedia features involving maps go? This one's pretty high up there.

The website of New York City's much-loved, nationally renowned public radio station WNYC recently released an entire feature devoted to the dogs of New York City: Dogs of NYC. The feature includes data on the most-owned dogs in New York City, as well as the most common names of dogs in New York. The entire thing is kind of incredible. For example, you can learn that:

The Most Popular Dog Names in New York City: Max and Bella.
The Most Popular Dog-as-Celebrity Names in New York City: Murphy and Jackson.
The Most Popular Dog-as-Place Names in New York City: Brooklyn and Paris (Paws?).  

And so on. But even better than that? The breakdown of dogs by location. For example, in Brooklyn's 11211 zip code—or legendary hipster havens Williamsburg and Greenpoint—we can learn that The Most Owned Dog in Williamsburg is...

A mutt! And if we're to take Williamsburg and Greenpoint as a sample size for hipsters in the rest of America, we can reasonably conclude that Mutts are The Hippest Dogs in America.

Of note: Mutts are usually adopted from pounds and kennels, which means these hipsters are somewhat socially responsible. And Girls creator/star Lena Dunham also recently adopted a Mutt, so there's that (even though she lives in Brooklyn Heights, her show's set in Greenpoint, and she plays a variation of herself, so same thing, basically).

But okay, to be fair, most neighborhoods in New York have mutts as their most popular dog. So if "Mutt" is not an acceptable answer, then yes, we can totally see a bunch of moneyed hipsters taking their parents' cash and buying Yorkies. Which is too bad, because we were totally pulling for Frenchies (shouts to LCD Soundsystem).

[You can find all this data (and more) over at WNYC's site, which, if this is any indication, should go to the dogs more often.