In what doesn't appear to be a Girls season two promotional stunt, the showrunner and star of HBO's hit comedy has taken home a dog in the run up to the new season. And for those of you still convinced that Lena Dunham is both the product and the primary instigator of institutionalized racism in millennials, yes, the dog is white.

Via a photo posted on the Facebook page of Foster Dogs NYC—a great organization, you should know—Dunham and her mother (artist Laurie Simmons) have just adopted a pup from the Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition shelter.

The dog is a "cute little mix" that they named "Lamby," which is either short for "Lamborgini" or a combination of the words "Lamb" and "Bambi." Either way, we are of the opinion that Lamby's given name, "Repeat," was better (alas, it would appear that Girls executive producer Judd Apatow was not at this particular dog-naming).

That said: No doubt Dunham has the money to score herself some designer dog if she so chose (Labradoodle Lions are well within her price range), so good on her for adopting a shelter dog, and especially not getting a dog from a puppy mill or a pet store, both of which are straight-up evil.

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