#17: Henry

Series: No More Heroes
Debut: No More Heroes
Premise: No More Heroes 3

Complex Says: Stylish, Henry Cooldown is a favorite of many No More Heroes fans. Henry is first introduced in the series in the 5th rank assassin, Letz Shake’s, stage called the Senton Splash Tunnel. (Spoiler Alert) Henry stole Travis’ kill and flees before they engage in battle. Henry meets Travis again in the true ending of the game in a fight to the death (though none of the participants died.)

Fans wishes were met in NMH2 when they had a chance to play as Henry for a single segment. It was fun, but it was a tease since trailers and early game footage showed more Henry playtime. Suda went on record to say that Travis’ story is wrapped up entirely by the end of NMH2, which leaves a door open for Henry to play hero. Who better than Henry?

We’re not opposed to Henry starring in a game at all, in fact we’re looking forward to it. A series installment starring Henry can confirm his surname, Cooldown, shed light on his failed marriage with Sylvia Christel, and give us insight on his anger towards Travis.