The Scout: Catch Me If You Can

Key Roles: Capturing Objectives, Annoying People

Best For: Those who can't stand taking their finger off the W key

Like an F1 racer made of glass, The Scout is the fastest class in the set, but also incredibly fragile. He may count as two people when standing on an objective, but it doesn't take much to bring him down. You're going to die a lot as The Scout, but that's okay, it's part of the job. Your teammates may not appreciate your repeated sacrifice, but when you bring home the bacon, they'll all be singing your praises.

Loadout A: Scattergun, Bonk! Atomic Punch, Sandman

Sometimes you've got to do everything yourself. If your team's neglecting to clear Snipers and sentries so you can steal the intel, this loadout should make your day a little easier. Use the Sandman's alt-fire to launch a baseball at anyone standing in your way to daze them long enough for you to slip past, then down the Atomic Punch to whiz past anything and everything without taking damage all the way into their base. 

Loadout B: Force-A-Nature, Mad Milk, Holy Mackerel 

If you want to get people real mad, use this loadout to whip around the battlefield harassing people with some guerilla warfare tactics. The hit-and-run combo of tossing Mad Milk on a big unit like The Heavy before popping them at close-range with the Force-A-Nature is surprisingly devistating. The Holy Mackerel is just there to embarass people when you run out of bullets.