This year, Tyra Banks produced and judged the 19th cycle of America's Next Top Model. Just think over that number for a minute. Isn't that annoying enough? The show is a big fat lie. Most of the girls who win, hot though they may be, don't join the ranks of the world's top supermodels. They become those girls you see in Soho who once made it to Round 5 of Cycle 16 of ANTM.

With this season, though, it got worse. Nineteen was the college edition. Wanna know why? Because, as Tyra loves to point out, Tyra has a college degree. And not from just any college, but from Harvard Business School.

Except not really. What she has is a certificate from the school's extension program. But whatever, that's reason enough to have yet another season of a show that promises to deliver models, but really just shows a bunch of awkward and/or mean-spirited women either stuck in a house or performing mildly ridiculous tasks, like taking photos with actual garbage.