Tim Tebow seems like a harmless, likable enough guy in his personal life. But Jesus, enough about Jesus! We get it, he's religious. God speaks to him. Fine. Does God also tell him to announce that to everyone, everywhere, all the time? Is he one of his sheep or his megaphone?

But let's ignore the sanctimonious declarations. What gets our britches in a bunch about Tebow is that he's a constant topic of discussion despite being an entirely inept QB. He eked out some "miraculous" (lucky), ugly, last-minute wins last season with the Denver Broncos but still can't throw an accurate pass to save the life of a Third World orphan. Rex Ryan, his current coach with the New York Jets, knows this and has barely played him, even in the running-based Wildcat scheme, which Tebow now refuses to play in because he feels slighted. And that has stirred up endless debate.

It appears he's headed to his hometown of Jacksonville next season to play for the Jaguars. There will be even more debate over this non-factor, when really he should just give up the QB dream and go be the charismatic Republican politician he's meant to be.