Now that Chevy Chase is finally getting his wish and leaving the show he's shit-talked from here to the UK, the Community writers have been left with the difficult task of writing out a main character of their series - just as the latest season was wrapping up filming.

According to TV Line, however, they may have found a way. Sources confirm to the site that the finale, which was shot out of sequence, ends in a cliffhanger that leaves the "fate of several characters up in the air — one of them being Pierce." Meaning, if the show manages to be renewed for season five it won't be difficult to explain why Pierce is no longer apart of the study group.

"[Episode 413] wasn’t intended to set up his departure," said one source, "it just worked out that way."

As for the two episodes before the finale, which have yet to be shot, writers may have devised a way to explain his absence in those as well. The show has a history of doing ambitious concept episodes, turning its main characters into everything from "cartoons to giant pillowmen" - so we should probably expect another two episodes in that vein. 

Season four of Community is set to premiere on NBC on February 7, 2013, at 8 PM. 

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[via TV Line]