Chevy Chase is finally leaving Community. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the actor has struck a deal to break his contract effective immediately, after he spent months publicly hating on the series everywhere from creator and former show runner Dan Harmon's voicemail to an interview with the Huffington Post UK. The decision was reportedly a "mutual agreement" between Chase and producers, which means he wasn't fired - or so they're claiming, anyway. It's a bit hard to believe that someone who blurted out the N-word on set during a scene in the presence of two of his African-American co-stars wouldn't be reprimanded.

Chase's departure comes as production on season four is nearing its end, so it's likely that, with just one or two episodes left to film, it won't impact the season too much. Additionally, it's unclear whether or not his exit will be written into the series.

So, will Community be better off without Chase? Sound off in the comments.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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