Police in Washington, D.C. have arrested a man believed to have committed two brutal sexual assaults, the latter of which involved him leaving his name and phone number with the victim. 19-year-old DeMarco Myles was arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill, first-degree sexual abuse, and assault with intent to commit first-degree sexual abuse following the incidents.

The first attack occurred on October 26. Myles allegedly stabbed the victim, as well as punched and kicked her in the face, head, back, and legs before leaving her unconscious on the floor.

The second incident occurred on November 2, when he allegedly raped a Howard University student in her dorm room. Myles reportedly pinned the victim to the bed and wrote his name and phone number along with the message: "Since you don’t know me, here’s my number bitch." 

Myles crossed it out, but it was still detailed enough for authorities to connect it to Myles' mother. That, along with surveillance footage from the first attack, were all police needed to apprehend Myles. Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia chief Cathy Lanier believes that had they not arrested Myles, he would've continued to attack women.

[via The Huffington Post]