In what could hint at a changing tide in the long-standing trend of larger and larger Android phones, Samsung has announced that it will debut a "mini" version of its flagship Galaxy S III phone tomorrow. The new model will trim the S III's massive 4.8-inch display down to a decidedly more pocketable 4-inches.

The fact that Samsung considers a 4-inch phone "mini" is, of course, a perfect indicator of the stark contrast between the Android ecosystem and Apple when it comes to what is considered the optimal size of a smartphone. While most flagship Android devices have displays above 4.5 inches in diagonal length, the new 4-inch iPhone 5 is the largest iPhone ever made by a full half-an-inch.

Samsung has said that the Galaxy S III Mini will not be a gimped, budget version of the regular S III, but will instead be a full-featured alternative for those customers who prefer a phone that fits more easily into their hand. Perhaps Samsung and other manufacturers are beginning to be more sympathetic toward Apple's famous thumb theory.

[via Gizmodo]