Appears in: The Trollenberg Terror (1958)
Scariest moment: With a building's roof blown clean off, the eye-monster starts wrapping its tentacles around the necks of several men and pulling them into the air.
Weakness: Molotov cocktails.

That's right, the monster in 1958's The Trollenberg Terror is a giant eyeball. With tentacles. And it's amazing.

Though certainly dated by the sands of time, the gigantic pupil at the center of this optometrist-friendly sci-fi romp deserves a spot in this countdown simply for its creators' nuttiness. In the late '50s, concepts of this variety were commonplace, so The Trollenberg Terror's proposition of being terrified by an eyeball wasn't as ridiculous then as it is now.

Think about it this way, though: You're casually strolling down the street, listening to the new G.O.O.D. Music album on your iPod, when the thing seen in the above pic crawls toward you. Yes, you'd defecate on sight.