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Major League Gaming (MLG) announced today that it's upping the frequency of its online eSports broadcasts at in response to "high demand for regular online content."

The next broadcasts will take place starting on Sept. 24 to cover the MvP (MLG vs. Proleague) Invitational, the next step in the collaboration between MLG, the International eSports Group, and the Korean eSports Association. Naturally, it's going to be focused on Starcraft 2.

Following that, MLG will broadcast the Starcraft 2 online qualifiers that'll result in placement at the 2012 MLG Fall Championship, which they're saying is going to be the biggest ever, with a pre-release Halo 4 tournament in addition to the Global Starcraft 2 competition.

MLG also announced that pro gamers Nick “Axslav” Ranish and Alex “Axeltoss” Rodriguez will join the team as analysts and commentators for live streams.

The eSports scene is getting bigger and bigger, with more players competing, more prize money at stake and more people watching. Are you getting into it?