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Nintendo announced this week that Bayonetta 2, the sequel to Platinum Games' over-the-top action game, will be a Wii U exclusive. This didn't go over well with some people.

GoNintendo has compiled a list of gamers' angry Twitter reactions, and as you may have guessed, it's not pretty. Platinum's Hideki Kamiya even received some death threats.

"Nintendo fucking sucks, I better see a Xbox release or I'll kill you," writes one asshole, directing the tweet right at Kamiya.

"Bayonetta 2 wii poo only!!!! What a load of bullshit. I'm not replaying the original again in protest fuck #Nintendo fuck you very much," writes another, who we're guessing doesn't understand how a protest works.

Here's one of our favorites: "ARE YOU KIDDING ME HOW CAN BAYONETTA 2 BE A WII U EXCLUSIVE I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF." Noooo don't that would be terrible. Seriously.

We know gamers can get heated, but come on people. Get some perspective. Do you think these reactions are indicative of everyone's feelings? Or are these just a few isolated assholes with Twitter accounts? Head to GoNintendo to see a shitload more angry tweets.

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