Looks like Red and Blue have finally decided that there was a threat bigger than the both of them. They've put aside their differences, and are joining forces to stop the endless horde of their mechanical twins.

Valve Software is releasing the Team Fortress 2 Co-op mode, aptly named Mann vs Machine this Wednesday, August 15. It will allow teams of six to battle wave after wave of robotic doppelgangers to see how long they can last while the robots try to plant a bomb. An awesome enough premise, what could be better than the classic gaming trope of man vs machine? 

Oh, I know what's better: Valve is doing all of this for free. Yup, totally free.

The robot forces are twins of all of the character classes. There are robotic scouts, heavies, engineers etc. etc. Players will have the chance to upgrade their characters after successfully defeating each successive wave. Grab a friend and make some scrap.

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