Nintendo reported a net loss of $220 million for the first quarter of 2012 during an earnings report today. Despite taking a loss, the sales showed improvement year-over-year: The company lost $332 million in Q1 2011, the first few months after the launch of the 3DS.

"Compared to the quarter a year earlier, global sales of Nintendo 3DS hand-held game hardware increased 162 percent, while Nintendo 3DS software rose 63 percent," Nintendo announced.

Though Nintendo acknowledged that global 3DS sales were low for the quarter, (1.86 million) they announced that the 3DS reached two sales milestones: First, that 19 Million 3DS units have been sold worldwide. Second, that the company would no longer be taking a loss on 3DS hardware sales.

On the software side, Nintendo regularly releases a list of games that sell more than one million copies per financial period at each earnings report. This quarter's list was particularly short: Pokemon Black/White Version 2 sold 2.45 million copies, though it was only released it Japan.

[Via Nintendo]