Only in Florida. Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, who previously dressed up as a zombie and attempted to scare Miami residents, got smacked by karma with his latest stunt. He and his accomplice, 20-year-old Jonathan Vanegas, were running up on people in Boca Raton and tricking them into thinking they were targets for a Russian hitman armed with an explosive briefcase. It was all in the name of amusement, until they ran into 51-year-old Andre Brown.

Brown, or "Andre the Giant" for the sake of this story, was not in the mood to be fucked with. Brown snatched their phone and launched his own attack, which got worse once he realized he was being filmed. The trick blew up in the their faces, because the police and bomb squad showed up and they were both charged with felonies for the phony bomb act. A legal beat-down will soon follow the literal one.

Didn't we say it was only a matter of time before somebody turned the tables on this dude?

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[via Gawker]