Katie needs to take some notes from her thrice-Oscar nominated former co-star Michelle Williams and start taking on more challenging, unexpected roles in order to to be considered an award-caliber actress. Katie has garnered some acclaim for her part in the drug-oriented ensemble piece Go and her brief-but-potent screen time in 2000's Wonder Boys (pictured above, with Michael Douglas), but her critically lauded role in the poignantly offbeat indie comedy Pieces of April is her most successful foray in film to date.

Rather than attempting another go at a commercially-driven blockbuster like Batman Begins (for which she snagged a Razzie nom for worst supporting actress, her second time being bestowed with the honor), Katie should reinforce our belief in her acting chops in a small, explosive role in an indie with a stellar script. She should leave the earnest, girl-next-door bit behind in favor of a more offbeat role as an angry lesbian whose heart gets broken, or former junkie turned ballerina. The stranger and less Katie-like, the better.