Breaking news: According to sources close to Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise actually was the controlling, manipulative, crazy husband that the Internet decided he was years ago. Go figure.

TMZ is reporting that, apparently, in addition to killing a possible Dawson's Creek film that Holmes was interested in participating in - damnit, Cruise! - the actor also executed an "Art Kill" during the filming of Holmes' 2005 film Thank You For Smoking with Aaron Eckhart. This basically means that Cruise told producers that they had to "kill" any promotional images that portrayed Holmes and Eckhart in any "compromising" positions.

During the filming of Batman Begins, Cruise wouldn't allow Holmes to travel to set locations with the rest of the cast, instead only letting her travel on his jet. Apparently, her co-star Morgan Freeman was disgusted by Cruise's behavior during filming, but he hasn't commented recently on Holmes or Cruise. 

Guess the Internet is always right.

[via TMZ]