A 43-year-old Louisiana man was arrested over the weekend for attacking a neighbor while under the influence of what is thought to be bath salts. An attack that, police say, ended with the man biting off "a chunk" of his neighbor's face, in a strikingly similar manner to the Miami "zombie."

OK. You got us, guys. We're officially a little freaked out now. 

The man, Carl Jacquneaux of Lafayette, reportedly began assaulting his neighbor, Todd Credeur, over a "domestic issue." The fight quickly escalated, but after teeth became involved, Credeur was able to subdue Jacquneaux by spraying him in the face with wasp spray. A friend of Credeur's told police that Jacquneaux was most definitely under the influence of bath salts - the same drug that's thought to have fueled the man behind the Miami attack - during the dispute.

Jacquneaux was arrested on multiple charges of battery and burglary, and violation of probation.

So, since it's becoming increasingly obvious that bath salts will make things like this happen, why are people still taking them? Side effect: You might eat someone's face off! Don't do drugs, kids!

Or, it's zombies. Either way.

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[via Gawker]