Director: Ron Morales
Stars: Arnold Reyes, Menggie Cobarrubias, Dido de La Paz, Leon Miguel, Ella Guevara, Marife Necesito

The execution behind Graceland, written and directed by Filipino talent Ron Morales, turns a lean storyline into a muscular and aggressive showstopper. Arnold Reyes, holding down the fort with superb gravitas, stars as a corrupt politician’s lackey whose daughter gets kidnapped after his boss’ own little girl catches a bullet to the skull (a shocking murder that’s unflinchingly shot by Morales and mentally scarring). For the remainder of Graceland’s to-the-point running time (a mere 84 minutes), Morales puts Reyes through the ringer, reveling in double-crosses, hidden agendas, murder, and underage prostitution. It’s far from an easy watch, but Graceland benefits from its fearlessness and breakneck progression.

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