We're only a month away now from what should be Nintendo's final unveiling of the Wii U, the next Wii console, but for now we can at least peruse the patents the company filed last summer. The device was still in its planning stages, so some details (like a screen "5 inches or larger") have been fudged.

Others, like using the new tablet control and the older Wii Remote in tandem for a golf game, are concepts that we saw at E3 last year (in June, before these patents were apparently filed).

The patents were just published, so this is the first we're seeing of the core ideas behind the new controller and its accessories. Check out the patents for yourself if you're in the mood for a lengthy read (here's the first and the second).

Are you looking forward to seeing the Wii U's final form? Let's hope it's a Charizard and not a Parasect. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Engadget]