An email outlining the E3 coverage of online TV network Twitch.TV essentially confirms rumors that EA's next Need for Speed game will be the sequel to Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Developers from EA will be speaking with Twitch about the game at the network's E3 booth on Tuesday, June 5th at 2pm Pacific, according to the announcement.

Technically the game is listed as Need for Speed: Most Wanted, without a "2" or any other indication this is, in fact, a direct sequel. The original Most Wanted was released in 2005, so I guess you could argue that it's old enough for a reboot?

Rumors about Need for Speed: Most Wanted 2 picked up earlier this year after South African retailer BT Games listed the game for pre-order

EA confirmed that a new Need for Speed is on track to be released this year during their latest investor call, but hasn't officially disclosed any other information on the game.