Nobody involved in this fiasco was fucking around. A Houston family was locked inside of a restaurant for refusing to pay the mandatory 17 percent gratuity on to their bill because, as they say, the service received was poor. Jasmine Marks says that family and friends did not get the type of service at La Fisherman that would justify the required gratuity associated with parties of five or more.

According to Marks, employees were rude to her party, their drinks were not refilled, and mistakes were made involving their orders. When Marks asked the restaurant's manager if they could leave a tip they felt was appropriate, she claims the restaurant doors were locked and the police were called.

Marks asked a police officer if not paying the gratuity was against the law, and says she never got a straight answer. The restaurant's on-duty manager said they're cool with people not leaving a tip, but have called the police before. Houston's Better Business Bureau is investigating the complaint.

If you don't receive service you feel is up to par, should you have to follow the rules?

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[via The Daily Mail UK]

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