If you didn't already assume that InFamous protagonist Cole McGrath was going to join the roster of Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, you can start... now.

A pair of Tweets from Eric Ladin, the actor who does the voice and motion-capture for Cole, said that he's back in the saddle, making new Cole McGrath character animations for a game that he says isn't part of the InFamous franchise.

"Feels good to get back in the mo-cap suit! Before you ask...no, not inFamous," tweeted Ladin. Followed by: “@PaybackPrahl: @EricLadin Then, what? Any hints to drop?” --> I was playing Cole."

Yes, technically Ladin could be talking about anything - Cole has made appearances in games outside of his series before - but there's a very good chance that he's talking about Playstation All Stars. Cole wasn't one of the initially announced characters, but as one of the most recognizable faces in Sony's first-party stable, he's shoe-in to make the roster.

For now, we'll just have to wait and see when and if Cole pops in series in weeks to come.

[Via IGN]